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Hello again. It’s been awhile and now it’s time for another blog post. Included are the details of a compiz maintenance routine outline and release schedule preview.

For those that do not keep track, here is a general overview. My name is Scott Moreau and I’ve been working on compiz for about 8 years by wearing the hats of support, script writer, code contributer and now, maintainer. Over time, many left the project entirely. In the past 4 years, I have been maintaining the official upstream compiz with the assistance of long time server maintainer, Guillaume Seguin. Fortunately, it hasn’t been too much work and graphics drivers have improved greatly thanks to companies like Intel, AMD, RedHat, Novell, Canonical, Collabora, Mozilla, Google, Valve and the many interesting people they’ve employed. Without further ado, here is the general road map outline as it stands currently:

1) Take a snapshot of the preserved original C implementation  of all compiz components (currently 0.8.9) including patches we’ve tossed in to keep things going, and make a release dubbed 0.8.10.

2) Test thoroughly

2b) Bump version to 0.8.11

3) Work out obvious, easily fixable problems and consider small improvements, with a strong focus on defaults.

4) Make an eventual 0.8.12 release, when it’s ready.

5) …


I am working on plugins-experimental, a collection of plugins that never really saw the light of day. Not only are these great plugins, but I would like to present this as a celebration of their works and contributions to compiz development throughout the years.

Finally, I would like to thank all of the contributers, developers and testers alike, especially those that have worked hard to improve open source software we cherish today and will continue to use for many years to come. Here is a list of talented individuals, sorry if I’m forgetting anyone.

Sam Lantinga

Ryan Gordon

Richard Goedeken

David Reveman

Pierre Bourdon

Dennis Kasprzyk

Danny Baumann

Guillaume Seguin

Sam Spilsbury

David Richards

Kristian Hoegsberg

Pekka Paalanen

Kristian Lyngstøl

Dave Airlie

All the testers and users worldwide…

8 thoughts on “Compiz Maintenance”


    Gratitude and more gratitude: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

  2. My only issue with the current “GRID” is that when i press the mapped buttons to resize on left half or right half everything works fine. but.. when i want to reduce the window back to original size i have to manually resize it. I noticed if i hit the mapped key combo 2 times the window gets a bit bigger, and 3 times even bigger yet, 4th time and it goes back to exactly half the screen. 4th press should resize back to original window size, 5th press back to exactly half.

  3. “the drag-to-edge grid features from 0.9”

    I would love to see this, especially timed for the upcoming LTS release of ubuntu – my dream remastered iso is so close now….

    Thanks in advance ;]

  4. I am a compiz user since 2005. I love the 0.8 version! Thank you for keeping it alive. God bless you all.

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